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Internet Advertising Guide

Internet Advertising Guide


In our online advertising guide you will find answers to the questions:

- Types of advertising on the Internet
- Advertising online store
- Internet advertising price
- Agency online advertising
- Internet advertising services
- Is online advertising effective?
- Where to advertise on the Internet?

There are a large number of types of advertising on the Internet, but you can easily figure them out by reading this guide. If you still have questions after reading, contact our specialist in online advertising and get a free consultation.
All advertising on the Internet is divided into two large groups - search advertising and display advertising.
Search ads include ads in Yandex.Direct and Google.Ads. This type of advertising is very effective for most types of businesses, as allows you to find hot customers who are looking for products or services.
The cost of Internet search advertising is determined in an auction format. You pay for clicks on your ad. If your industry has high competition - the price of advertising is higher and, conversely, if low competition - the price is lower.
Search advertising is great for promoting an online store, local products or services. Setting up search advertising on your own is not easy, so we recommend using the services of an online advertising agency or contact a specialist in online advertising.
Display advertising includes such types of advertising as video advertising, banner advertising, native advertising. Where to place display ads on the Internet? Most popular sites and services support various display advertising formats. For example, on social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook, you can place banner ads and videos. And the popular video service Youtube and online movie theaters can effectively place video ads.
If you are promoting a complex product or service, placement of an advertising article is suitable for you. Articles are good for promoting B2B services. It can be posted on news sites or regional portals. Additionally, articles can be promoted in advertising networks on the Internet and through native advertising. Native ads are interesting in that they look like regular news, and when you click, your article opens. The price of online display advertising is often transparent and understandable. You pay to show or watch a video. It is convenient to buy display advertising through the service - select the number of impressions on the desired site and you will immediately see the final cost. Another feature of online media advertising is that you can choose who to show your ads to and who not. For example, if your product is intended for mothers with children, you will be able to show advertisements exclusively for the target audience on most sites. To place display ads on the Internet yourself, you can use the service. And if you need help, use the services of advertising on the Internet of our specialists.
To advertise on the Internet, you will need promotional materials - banners, videos, audio clips. You can easily find services for their production in the catalog.
The catalog of the advertising platform contains hundreds of companies, websites and Internet projects where you can place your own advertising and be sure that it will achieve the goal. How diverse and effective are the offers in the “Internet Advertising” category?
The Internet advertising category contains a variety of Internet resources, ranging from the well-known social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, ending with regional portals and sites.
Each of the sites has its own age limits for a regular audience, therefore placing an advertisement simultaneously on several of them not only increases the number of views, but also expands the group of your potential customers
Prices for the placement of advertising products in any form remain available and attractive on our website both for those who are an experienced businessman or a representative of an advertising agency, and for those who are just taking their first steps.
Advertising on Internet sites and services is effective, promising and profitable! Still have questions - contact our online advertising specialist.